Vision Accessories

Get the most out of your Lucid camera with tested and qualified lenses, cables, interface cards, and more.


A machine vision lens focuses incoming light on to the camera’s sensor and choosing one is just as important as the camera itself. Lucid offers a variety of low distortion, compact, lightweight lenses that are specifically designed for imaging in machine vision applications such as factory automation and inspection. Need help choosing a lens? Visit our Lens Calculator.

  • Lucid nf-mount NF120-5M LensLucid nf-mount NF120-5M angled Lens

    Lucid NF-Mount 5MP 2/3″ 12mm f/2.0

  • Fujinon HF6XA-5M LensFujinon-HF6XA-5M

    Fujinon C-Mount 5MP 2/3″ 6mm f/1.9

  • Fujinon HF8XA-5M Lens

    Fujinon C-Mount 5MP 2/3″ 8mm f/1.6

  • Fujinon HF12XA-5M Lens

    Fujinon C-Mount 5MP 2/3″ 12mm f/1.6

  • Fujinon HF16XA-5M Lens

    Fujinon C-Mount 5MP 2/3″ 16mm f/1.6

  • Fujinon HF25XA-5M LensFujinon HF25XA-5M angled

    Fujinon C-Mount 5MP 2/3″ 25mm f/1.6

  • Computar v0828-mpy 8mm lensComputar v0828-mpy 8mm lens

    Computar C-Mount 12MP 1.1″ 8mm f/2.8

  • Computar 1228-mpy 12mm lensComputar 1228-mpy 12mm lens

    Computar C-Mount 12MP 1.1″ 12mm f/2.8

  • Computar 1628-mpy 16mm lensComputar 1628-mpy 16mm lens angled

    Computar C-Mount 12MP 1.1″ 16mm f/2.8

ethernet cat6a cable


Quality cables are crucial to your imaging applications. The following Cat 6a cables are tested for up to 500 MHz frequency and are shielded with aluminum-polyester foil against interference. Our GPIO cable is pre-stript on one end for easier integration with your application.

  • ethernet cat6a cable 2methernet cat6a cable coil 2m

    Ethernet Cat6a STP Patch Cable – 2.1m, Black, Snagless

  • ethernet cat6a cable 5methernet cat6a cable coil 2m

    Ethernet Cat6a STP Patch Cable – 4.6m, Black, Snagless

  • GPIO 8P20 connectorGPIO 8P20 wires

    GPIO 8-pin 20cm JST Cable

8-pin GPIO camera

Interface Cards / PoE Injector

Gigabit Ethernet with PoE allows for single cable camera solutions, simplifying installation and maintenance. For those who will be externally powering the camera we offer a single port Gigabit Ethernet card and a PoE injector unit.

  • ADLINK 2-CH PCIe GigE Vision PoE+ Card

    2-CH PCIe GigE Vision PoE+ Card

  • AD-Link 4-CH PCIe GigE Vision PoE+ Card

    4-CH PCIe GigE Vision PoE+ Card

  • Intel Gigabit CT Desktop AdapterIntel Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter low profile bracket

    Intel Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter

  • TP-Link PoE Injector TL-POE150STP-Link PoE Injector TL-POE150S profile

    TP-Link PoE Injector

Tripod Adapters

Our tripod adapters can be used to connect to standard 1/4″ – 20 tripods, monopods, or heads. 

  • Phoenix Tripod Adapter

    Phoenix Tripod Adapter

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