M8 GPIO 8-pin Cable [Right Angle, Up(Triton) / Down(Atlas & Helios)]-5.0m (Amphenol)


The GPIO-M8-5M-RA2-A 8-pin GPIO cable is 5 m long and is terminated with a 8-pin M8 connector plug on one end. The other end is pre-stripped to 5 mm for soldering or direct connection to a terminal block.

Important! Triton orientation – right angle, up. Atlas & Helios orientation – right angle, down.


Connector TypeM8 A-Coded 8pin Male Connector (IEC 61076-2-104)
IP RatingM8 connector is IP67
Length5.0 m
Wire Layout8 Stranded wires:
Red 1
Brown 2
Orange 3
Purple 4
Black 5
Blue 6
Yellow 7
Green 8
Weight205 g
AWG Rating26 AWG
Operating Temperature -5°C to 105°C

USD $60.00

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