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Phoenix Phoenix is a flexible GigE PoE camera module designed for easy OEM integration. With a wide selection of sensors from 0.4 MP to 20 MP, 4 lens mounts, 3 camera orientations, and 3 interface connector options, the camera can be adapted for various applications. Explore Flexible Camera Module Designed for Easy OEM Integration TM 24x24 mm & 28x28 mm Sizes Gige-Vision-Logo-white genicam-logo-white Phoenix Machine Vision Camera phoenix-camera-Lens-Mount Phoenix-camera-different-camera-shapes-200 Phoenix-Connectors 4 Lens Mounts 3 Camera Orientations 3 Connectors

Discover the compact, transformable Phoenix camera

Explore our Phoenix camera models

For an in-depth look at model specifications please click the part numbers below.

28 x 28 mm Phoenix Models

ModelsMPResolutionFake FPSFPSSensorFormatPixel SizeShutterLens MountChromaGigE Vision Interface
PHX200S20.0 MP5472 x 3648 px16 fpsSony IMX183 CMOS1"2.40 µmRollingC / No MountMono / ColorRJ45 / ix Connector / FFC
PHX120S12.3 MP4096 x 3000 px210 fpsSony IMX304 CMOS1.1"3.45 µmGlobalC / No MountMono / ColorRJ45 / ix Connector / FFC
PHX089S8.9 MP4096 x 2160 px313.7 fpsSony IMX267 CMOS1"3.45 µmGlobalC / No MountMono / ColorRJ45 / ix Connector / FFC

24 x 24 mm Phoenix Models

ModelsMPResolutionFake FPSFPSSensorFormatPixel SizeShutterLens MountChromaGigE Vision Interface
PHX122S12.2 MP4024 x 3036 px19.7 fpsSony IMX226 CMOS1/1.7"1.85 µmRollingC / C Ext Head*/ No MountMono / ColorRJ45 / ix Connector / FFC
PHX064S6.3 MP3072 x 2048 px219.5 fpsSony IMX178 CMOS1/1.8”2.40 µmRollingC / C Ext Head / NF / S / No MountMono / ColorRJ45 / ix Connector / FFC
PHX050S-P/Q5.0 MP2448 x 2048 px324 fpsSony IMX250MZR CMOS
2/3"3.45 µmGlobalC / C Ext Head / NF / No MountPolarized Mono Polarized ColorRJ45 / ix Connector / FFC
PHX050S5.0 MP2448 x 2048 px424 fpsSony IMX264 CMOS2/3"3.45 µmGlobalC / C Ext Head / NF / No MountMono / ColorRJ45 / ix Connector / FFC
PHX032S3.2 MP2048 x 1536 px538 fpsSony IMX265 CMOS1/1.8"3.45 µmGlobalC / C Ext Head / NF / S / No MountMono / ColorRJ45 / ix Connector / FFC
PHX023S2.3 MP1920 x 1200 px652 fpsSony IMX392 CMOS1/2.3"3.45 µmGlobalC / C Ext Head / NF / S / No MountMono / ColorRJ45 / ix Connector / FFC
PHX016S1.6 MP1440 x 1080 px777 fpsSony IMX273 CMOS1/2.9"3.45 µmGlobalC / C Ext Head / NF / S / No MountMono / ColorRJ45 / ix Connector / FFC
PHX004S0.4 MP728 x 544 px8291 fpsSony IMX287 CMOS1/2.9"6.9 µmGlobalC / C Ext Head / NF / S / No MountMono / ColorRJ45 / ix Connector / FFC
*C Ext Head models are 24 x 24 mm head size with 36 x 28 mm camera body size. View “Drawings” tab on model pages for more info or download our CAD files from our Download page.

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Or maybe you’re looking for a more customized Phoenix model. Click here to see all the available configurations for the Phoenix camera.

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No lens mount Phoenix S-mount Phoenix NF lens mount Phoenix C-mount Phoenix No lens mount Phoenix Side drawing S-mount Phoenix Side drawing NF-mount Phoenix Side drawing C-mount Phoenix Side drawing No Lens Mount S-Mount NF-Mount C-Mount Extended Head Mount the Perfect Lens The Phoenix camera delivers the perfect lens mount straight from our manufacturing floor. Having to manually customize a lens mount can take time and effort. That's why the Phoenix offers you the choice between S-mount, NF-mount, C-mount, and C-mount with extended head, and for those who need the maximum amount of space-savings, a no-mount option is available too. Certain lens mounts are available depending on the Phoenix model. Contact us if you do not see a desired option in the above model chart. C-mount extended head option C-Mount c-mount extended head

Transformable Shape Shifter The default shape of the Phoenix resembles a traditional camera. However, individual board stacks can be unfolded to various degrees to best fit your application. For example, use a 90° angle camera shape for corner mounting or even a 180° angle shape for the ultimate custom fit. Phoenix camera 180 degree Phoenix camera 90 degree Phoenix camera 180+90 degree Phoenix camera 180 degree side Phoenix camera Experiment yourself by unfolding the stacks into different camera orientations or use our Phoenix 180° & 90° Transform Kit (includes 180° & 90° metal brackets for angled orientations) to get a head start on some of the more popular configurations. Phoenix S-mount with ix Industrial Connector shown using 180° & 90° Transform Kit for 24x24mm Phoenix Original Shape 180° + 90° 180° 90° 180°

The Right Connection

Choosing the right Ethernet connector can open up more opportunities for unique camera placements, reduce complex vision designs, decrease overall camera footprint, and speed up your time to market. In addition to RJ45, the Phoenix camera offers the ix Industrial Ethernet connector and Flat Flexible Cable (FFC)  connector.

The ix Industrial connector uses 70% less space compared to RJ45 sockets. It provides high EMC immunity, active metal snap-in hooks, a locking force greater than 98 n, guarantee of 5,000 mating cycles, and railway EN 50155 specification compliance for shock and vibration resistance.

Flat Flexible Cable (FFC) connector flattens cable volume into a thin plane and combines both Ethernet and GPIO data into one, reducing cabling space and allowing for custom PCB connections on the other end for more unique application designs.

Phoenix Ethernet Connectors options - IX, FFC, RJ45

Phoenix Configuration List

Lens Mounts

24x24 mm Phoenix Models

0.4 MP
1.6 MP
2.3 MP
3.2 MP


5.0 MP
5.0 MP Polarized


6.4 MP
12.2 MP


28x28 mm Phoenix Models

8.9 MP
12.3 MP
20.0 MP


C-Mount Extended Head Option

All 24×24 mm Phoenix Models

Extended Head

Image Sensors

24x24 mm Phoenix Models

Phoenix Camera CMOS Sensor Selection

Phoenix Camera CMOS Sensor Selection

28x28 mm Phoenix Models

Camera Orientations

24x24 mm & 28x28 mm Phoenix Models

All Phoenix Models

Phoenix camera orientation with transform kit 1

Phoenix camera orientation with transform kit 1

Ethernet Interface Connectors

24x24 mm and 28x28 mm Phoenix Models

All Phoenix Models


Phoenix FFC Extender kits

See what's under the hood of the Phoenix machine vision camera.

Better Imaging, Better Results

Sony Pregius and Starvis CMOS Sensors

Sony Pregius and Starvis Sensors

Consider today’s most challenging, highly demanding imaging applications with unsurpassed imaging quality running 24/7. The Phoenix machine vision camera delivers the incredible quality and performance of Sony Pregius™ and Starvis™ sensors – the industry leading global shutter and rolling shutter CMOS sensors. Sony’s Pregius global shutter technology captures crystal clear, non-distorted images with exceptionally low read noise and very high dynamic range. Sony’s Starvis rolling shutter technology is the latest in back-side illuminated (BSI) technology, offering unsurpassed sensitivity for low light applications.


Uncover Hidden Material Properties with Polarization

transparent phone case scratch inspection
Carbon Fiber Polarized Inspection

See beyond visible light with the Phoenix camera featuring Sony’s IMX250MZR/MYR CMOS polarized sensors with Polarsens technology. The 5 MP Phoenix models PHX050S-P/Q provide on-camera processing using the four directional filters and outputs both the intensity and polarized angle of each image pixel. Using the Phoenix polarized camera, polarization can now be a compact and cost-effective way to solve imaging challenges.

polarization logo

Maximum Stability, 24/7 Reliability

Quality at Lucid

Reliable camera technology can greatly improve the performance and lifespan of end designs and significantly decrease the amount of time lost to diagnosing, troubleshooting and repairing. To reduce these issues, the Phoenix camera is meticulously engineered to operate in demanding industrial environments. Before our cameras begin production, numerous prototypes are stress tested to their extremes for temperature, vibration and humidity tolerance. Our unique, high-quality design allows the Phoenix camera to operate flawlessly in 55°C ambient air temperatures.

Phoenix Machine Vision Camera
Fast Image Signal Processing (ISP) Pipeline

Fast Image Signal Processing (ISP) Pipeline

Our powerful ISP doesn’t skip a beat in unlocking the full potential of the sensor. Our engineers have maximized the communication between the sensor, FPGA, firmware, and memory to breakthrough boundaries and provide you with a camera that works the way you expect it.

• Enable Region of Interest (ROI), Binning or Decimation without hitting any limitations on higher frame rates.

• Choose from multiple different Pixel Formats to suit your imaging workflow requirements.

•  Enable our Color Correction Matrix (CCM) for realistic color reproduction and achieve the same frame rates without any slow down.

Hassle-Free Connectivity

Hassle-Free Connectivity

We recognize the importance of hassle-free connectivity and integration with other components. The Phoenix camera is GigE Vision compliant and easily works with other 3rd party GigE Vision software. Our research has led us to design a high-speed GPIO for trigger and strobe, low latency GigE image transmission, and standards that implement network synchronization.

GigE Vision compliant for maximum 3rd party software compatibility.

• Our Power Over Ethernet (PoE) port simplifies power and data over one cable and is IEEE 802.3af compliant with proper power isolation.

• The 8-pin GPIO includes both opto-isolated and non-isolated pins for high speed trigger and strobe.

• Supports IEEE 1588 PTP for auto clock synchronization with other network devices.

Phoenix is GigE Vision Compliant
Arena Software Development Kit (SDK)

Arena SDK

Welcome to our powerful software development kit called Arena. The Arena SDK is designed from the ground up to leverage the latest in industry standards and computer technology. It works fast with less calls to functions and is simpler to use thanks to its modern GUI based on the GenICam standard.

• Includes example code and a robust set of APIs.
• Search for help topics in our easy-to-use HTML5 documentation
Arena UI toolkit for rapid development of custom GUIs
ArenaView GUI for viewing and acquiring images.

Visit the Arena SDK page to learn more.

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