Atlas SWIR 0.3MP IP67 Model

The Atlas SWIR camera, featuring wide-band and high-sensitivity Sony® SenSWIR™ 0.3 MP IMX991 InGaAs sensor, capable of capturing images across both visible and invisible light spectrums, and boasting a miniaturized pixel size of 5μm. The Atlas SWIR is a compact Factory Tough™ camera offering IP67 protection and Power over Ethernet (PoE+), and is equipped with integrated single-stage sensor cooling (TEC1) for superior image quality and extended operating temperature range.

The camera’s capability of capturing on the short-wavelength infrared invisible light spectrum opens up a world of industrial applications with greater precision in fruit inspection and sorting, IR microscopy, semiconductor inspection, material sorting and more.

Sony IMX991 InGaAs
0.3 MP, 656 x 520 px
Frame Rate
257 FPS
Model SKUsChromaSensitivity RangeCoolingLens MountGigE Vision Connector
ATP003S-WCMono400 nm to 1700 nmTEC1C-mountM12

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Sensor Properties
Sensor ModelSony IMX991 InGaAs CMOS
Shutter TypeGlobal
Sensor Size4.1 mm (Type 1/4″)
Resolution656 x 520 px, 0.3 MP
Pixel Size5.0 µm (H) x 5.0 µm (V)
Framerate257.2 FPS (257.2 FPS) @ 0.3 MP (8 Bit ADC mode)
238.8 FPS (238.8 FPS) @ 0.3 MP (10 Bit ADC mode)
136.5 FPS (136.5 FPS) @ 0.3 MP (12 Bit ADC mode)
Sensitivity Range400 nm to 1700 nm (See EMVA 1288 Tab)
Physical Properties
Dimensions60 x 60 x 65 mm
Lens MountC-Mount
Weight435 g
Ingress ProtectionIP67 (For IP67 protection Atlas must be used with IP67 lens tube and cables)
Interface and Power Information
Digital Interface1000BASE-T, 100BASE-TX
M12, PoE+
GPIO Interface8 pin M8 connector
Opto-Isolated I/O Ports1 input (2.5V-24V and 10.5V-24V), 1 output
Non-Isolated I/O Ports2 bi-directional
Power RequirementPoE+ (IEEE 802.3at) or 12-24 V through GPIO
Power Consumption<12W via PoE+, 11.5W when powered externally
Imaging Properties
Image Buffer380 MB
Image ProcessingGain, gamma, black level, white balance, LUT, pixel correction, hue, saturation
Pixel FormatsMono8/10/12/16
Image ModesDecimation, Binning, ROI, horizontal and vertical flip
ADC8, 10, 12 bit
Gain Range0 dB to 42 dB analog and digital
Exposure Time20.5 μs to 10 s (Normal) / 2.88 μs to 7.37 μs (Short Mode)
Camera Features
Cooling CapabilityDelta Δ T up to 30°C
TEC up to 45°C ambient
User Sets1 default and 2 custom user set
File System Size16 MB
Chunk DataFrame counter, offset X/Y, width/height, exposure time, gain, black level, line status, sequencer set
Event DataAcquisition start/end, exposure start/end, line rise/fall, error
Counter & Timer2 counters and 2 timers
SequencerExposure time, gain
SynchronizationSoftware trigger, hardware trigger, PTP (IEEE 1588)
Standards and Certifications
StandardGigE Vision v2.0
ComplianceCE, FCC, RoHS, REACH, WEEE
Storage Temperature-30 to 60°C
Operating Temperature-20 to 50°C Case Temperature
HumidityOperating: 20% ~ 80%, relative, non-condensing
Shock and Vibration*DIN EN 60068-2-27, DIN EN 60068-2-64, DIN EN 60068-2-6
Warranty3 year

EMVA 1288 Data

Interactive graphs – please hover over the points in the graph to reveal QE %

ATP003S-WC (Mono Visible+SWIR, Sony IMX991 CMOS)
Mono EMVA 1288 Results
Gain 0dB, TEC @ 15°C
Dynamic Range57.2 dB
SNR (Max)51.5 dB
Saturation Capacity143000 e-
Temporal Dark Noise196 e-
Photo Response Non-Uniformity0.59 %
Linearity Error Max/Min0.23/-0.37 %


EMVA 1288 is the Standard for Measurement and Presentation of Specifications for Machine Vision Sensors and Cameras. For more information of the EMVA 1288 standard please visit


Atlas SWIR IP67 C-Mount Drawings

Getting Started / Downloads

Getting Started Guide

For camera setup please visit our Getting Started Guide for LUCID cameras. This page covers how to:
  • Connect your camera for the first time
  • Download and install Arena SDK or 3rd party software
  • Enable Jumbo Frames on the Host PC and Camera
  • Assign camera IP address
  • Update camera firmware


Visit our Downloads Page for access to:
  • Arena SDK (Arena View, APIs, Examples)
  • 3D CAD drawings (.step files)
  • Camera firmware files
  • Technical Documentation


Tripod adapters, lenses, cables, and Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Ethernet injectors / interface cards are sold separately. Please note that Ethernet ports on most consumer motherboards and laptops do not support PoE. Visit our Accessories page for complete details on all accessories.
SWIR (VIS + SWIR) LensManufacturer Part #SKU
Tamron C-Mount 1” 12mm f/1.6 SWIR Tamron SMA11F12TSMA120
Tamron C-Mount 1” 16mm f/1.6 SWIRTamron SMA11F16TSMA160
Tamron C-Mount 1” 25mm f/1.6 SWIRTamron SMA11F25TSMA250
IP67 Lens Tubes for Atlas & Triton IP67 Models
IP67 C-Mount Lens Tube, Inner ⌀: 27mm, Inner Length: 34.6mmLUCID IPTC-D270L346IPTC-D270L346
IP67 C-Mount Lens Tube, Inner ⌀: 35.5mm, Inner Length: 29.9mmLUCID IPTC-D355L299IPTC-D355L299
IP67 C-Mount Lens Tube, Inner ⌀: 44mm, Inner Length: 38.5mmLUCID IPTC-D440L385IPTC-D440L385
IP67 C-Mount Lens Tube Inner ⌀: 35.5mm, Inner Length: 39.9mmLUCID IPTC-D355L399IPTC-D355L399
IP67 C-Mount Lens Tube, Inner ⌀: 35.5mm, Inner Length: 59.9mmLUCID IPTC-D355L599IPTC-D355L599
IP67 C-Mount Lens Tube, Inner ⌀: 44mm, Inner Length: 68.5mmLUCID IPTC-D440L685IPTC-D440L685
IP67 C-Mount Lens Tube, Inner ⌀: 59mm, Inner Length: 55.5mmLUCID IPTC-D590L555IPTC-D590L555
IP67 C-Mount Lens Tube, Inner ⌀: 59mm, Inner Length: 71.5mmLUCID IPTC-D590L715IPTC-D590L715
Cables for Atlas & Triton IP67 Models
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable – 2.0m, Dark Green LUCID CAB-MR-2MCAB-MR-2M
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable (Amphenol) – 5.0m, Dark Green LUCID CAB-MR-5M-ACAB-MR-5M-A
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable – 5.0m, Dark GreenLUCID CAB-MR-5MCAB-MR-5M
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable – 15.0m, Dark GreenLUCID CAB-MR-15MCAB-MR-15M
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable [Right Angle, Down] – 5m, Dark GreenLUCID CAB-MR-5M-RA1CAB-MR-5M-RA1
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable [Right Angle, Down] – 15m, Dark GreenLUCID CAB-MR-15M-RA1CAB-MR-15M-RA1
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable [Right Angle, Up] – 5m, Dark GreenLUCID CAB-MR-5M-RA2CAB-MR-5M-RA2
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable [Right Angle, Up] – 15m, Dark GreenLUCID CAB-MR-15M-RA2CAB-MR-15M-RA2
M8 GPIO 8-pin 1.0m CableLUCID GPIO-M8GPIO-M8
M8 GPIO 8-pin 5.0m CableLUCID GPIO-M8-5MGPIO-M8-5M
M8 GPIO 8-pin 15.0m CableLUCID GPIO-M8-15MGPIO-M8-15M
M8 GPIO 8-pin Cable [Right Angle, Down] – 5.0mLUCID GPIO-M8-5M-RA1GPIO-M8-5M-RA1
M8 GPIO 8-pin Cable [Right Angle, Down] – 15.0mLUCID GPIO-M8-15M-RA1GPIO-M8-15M-RA1
M8 GPIO 8-pin Cable [Right Angle, Up] – 5.0mLUCID GPIO-M8-5M-RA2GPIO-M8-5M-RA2
M8 GPIO 8-pin Cable [Right Angle, Up] – 15mLUCID GPIO-M8-15M-RA2GPIO-M8-15M-RA2
Tripod Mount Adapter & Misc
Atlas SWIR Tripod AdapterATL-TRATL-TR
Triton SWIR Tripod AdapterTRT-TRTRT-TR
M8 GPIO IP67 Cap *(1 cap included with each Triton unit)CAP-M8CAP-M8
Interface Cards, PoE Injectors, Power Supply
4-CH 2.5G/1G PoE+ Ethernet Cardioi GE2PX4-PCIE4XE301PCIE-POE4-2G
2-CH 10G/5G/2.5G/1G PoE+ NBASE-T Ethernet Cardioi DGEAP2X-PCIE8XG302PCIE-POE2-MG
10G/5G/2.5G/1G PoE+ NBASE-T Ethernet CardIOI GE10-PCIE4XG202PPCIE-POE1-MG2
M8 GPIO AC Adapter Power Supply (NA/EU/AU Versions)CUI INC SDI65-18-UM8P-US1, M8P-EU1, M8P-AU1