Tamron C-Mount 1” 12mm f/1.6 SWIR (SMA11F Series)


Tamron’s SWIR SMA11F12 lens has a sensor size of 1”, a 12mm focal length and a 5µm pixel pitch, targeting machine vision cameras with Sony’s SWIR IMX990 and IMX991 sensor. With a very low TV distortion of only -1.2% and a F# of only 1.6, this fixed-focal lenses cover the whole spectrum from visible light to SWIR band (400-1700nm). The SMA11F series avoids defocused objects and provides consistent high-resolution quality images thanks to high spectral transmittance across the entire spectrum from visible light to SWIR band.



Manufacturer Model #Tamron SMA11F12
Focal Length12mm
Iris Range (f no.)f1.6 – f22
Spectral Range400-1700nm (SWIR)
Angle of View (H x V) *
*Mounted to 1/2 sensor cameras
30.2° x 24.3°
Focus Range (from front of the lens)∞-200mm
Operation of FocusManual
Operation of IrisManual
Filter ThreadM52 x 0.75mm* *Filters sold separately
Sensor Size (max.)1/2″ (1”)
TV Distortion-1.2%
Diameterφ54 x 72.5mm
Operating Temperature-20°C – +60°C
Fixing Knobs Bundled2 total

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