Atlas10 16.2 MP Model

Sony IMX532 CMOS
16.2 MP 5320 x 3032 px
Frame Rate
76.1 FPS
Model SKUsChromaLens Mount10GBASE-T GigE Vision Connector

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Sensor Properties
Sensor ModelSony IMX532 CMOS (Pregius-S, BSI)
Shutter TypeGlobal
Sensor Size16.8mm (Type 1.1″)
Resolution5320 x 3032 px, 16.2 MP
Pixel Size2.74 µm (H) x 2.74 µm (V)
Framerate75.6 FPS @ 16.2 MP (8 Bit ADC mode)
76.1 FPS @ 16.2 MP (10 Bit ADC mode)
68.9 FPS @ 16.2 MP (12 Bit ADC mode)
Physical Properties
Dimensions55 x 55 x 95.5 mm
Lens MountC-Mount
Weight304 g
Interface and Power Information
Digital Interface10GBASE-T*, 5GBASE-T, 2.5GBASE-T, 1000BASE-T, 100BASE-TX
M12, PoE (*10GBASE-T runs in Short Reach Mode, 25m cable length max)
GPIO Interface8 pin M8 connector
Opto-Isolated I/O Ports1 input, 1 output
Non-Isolated I/O Ports2 bi-directional
Power RequirementPoE+ (IEEE 802.3at) or 12-24 V through GPIO
Power Consumption<12W via PoE+, 11.5W when powered externally
Imaging Properties
Image Buffer380 MB
Image ProcessingGain, gamma, black level, white balance, LUT, CCM, pixel correction, hue, saturation, color space conversion
Pixel FormatsMono8/10/12/16, Bayer8/10/12/16, RGB8, BGR8, YCbCr8, YCbCr411, YUV422, YUV411
Image ModesHorizontal and vertical binning, decimation, ROI, horizontal and vertical flip
ADC8, 10, 12 bit
Gain Range0 dB to 48 dB analog and digital
Dual ADC Mode (low-gain, high-gain)
Exposure Time6.976 μs to 10 s (Normal) 2.296 μs to 2.464 μs (Short Mode)
Camera Features
User Sets1 default and 2 custom user set
File System Size16 MB
Chunk DataFrame counter, offset X/Y, width/height, exposure time, gain, black level, line status, sequencer set
Event DataExposure start/end
Counter & Timer2 counters and 2 timers
SequencerExposure time, gain
SynchronizationSoftware trigger, hardware trigger, PTP (IEEE 1588)
Standards and Certifications
StandardGigE Vision v2.0
ComplianceCE, FCC, RoHS, REACH, WEEE
Storage Temperature-30 to 60°C
Operating Temperature-20 to 55°C ambient
HumidityOperating: 20% ~ 80%, relative, non-condensing
Shock and VibrationDIN EN 60068-2-27, DIN EN 60068-2-64*
Warranty3 year
*Listed specification testing in progress and is subject to change

EMVA 1288 Data

Interactive graphs – please hover over the points in the graph to reveal QE %

ATX162S-M (Mono, Sony IMX532 CMOS)
Mono EMVA 1288 Results
Dynamic Range70.79 dB
SNR (Max)39.74 dB
Saturation Capacity9411 e-
Absolute Sensitivity Threshold (Measured at 527.5nm)3.79 γ
Temporal Dark Noise2.1 e-
Gain0.42 DN / e-
Dark Current0.58 e- / s
Dark Signal Non-Uniformity0.30 e-
Photo Response Non-Uniformity0.59 %
Linearity Error Max/Min0.16/-0.30 %
ATX162S-C (Color, Sony IMX532 CMOS)
Color EMVA 1288 Results
Dynamic Range70.6 dB
SNR (Max)39.67 dB
Saturation Capacity9276 e-
Absolute Sensitivity Threshold (Measured at 527.5nm)4.82 γ
Temporal Dark Noise2.13 e-
Gain0.42 DN / e-
Dark Current0.86 e- / s
Dark Signal Non-Uniformity0.35 e-
Photo Response Non-Uniformity0.85 %
Linearity Error Max/Min0.12/-0.21 %


EMVA 1288 is the Standard for Measurement and Presentation of Specifications for Machine Vision Sensors and Cameras. For more information of the EMVA 1288 standard please visit


Atlas10 TFL-Mount / C-Mount Drawings
Atlas10 Drawings

Getting Started / Downloads

Getting Started Guide

For camera setup please visit our Getting Started Guide for LUCID cameras. This page covers how to:
  • Connect your camera for the first time
  • Download and install Arena SDK or 3rd party software
  • Enable Jumbo Frames on the Host PC and Camera
  • Assign camera IP address
  • Update camera firmware


Visit our Downloads Page for access to:
  • Arena SDK (Arena View, APIs, Examples)
  • 3D CAD drawings (.step files)
  • Camera firmware files
  • Technical Documentation


Tripod adapters, lenses, cables, and Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Ethernet injectors / interface cards are sold separately. Please note that Ethernet ports on most consumer motherboards and laptops do not support PoE. Visit our Accessories page for complete details on all accessories.
C-mount Lenses for max. 4/3" SensorManufacturer Part #SKU
Fujinon C-Mount 23MP 1.2″ 8mm f/1.8Fujinon CF8ZA-1SFCZ080
Fujinon C-Mount 23MP 1.2″ 12mm f/1.8Fujinon CF12ZA-1SFCZ120
Fujinon C-Mount 23MP 1.2″ 16mm f/1.8Fujinon CF162ZA-1SFCZ160
Fujinon C-Mount 23MP 4/3″ 25mm f/1.8Fujinon CF252ZA-1SFCZ250
Fujinon C-Mount 23MP 4/3″ 35mm f/1.8Fujinon CF352ZA-1SFCZ350
Fujinon C-Mount 23MP 4/3″ 35mm f/1.8Fujinon CF502ZA-1SFCZ500
C-mount Lenses for max. 1.1" Sensor
Computar C-Mount 12MP 1.1″ 8mm f/2.8Computar V0828-MPYCC080-12M
Computar C-Mount 12MP 1.1″ 12mm f/2.8Computar V1228-MPYCC120-12M
Computar C-Mount 12MP 1.1″ 16mm f/2.8Computar V1628-MPYCC160-12M
Computar C-Mount 12MP 1.1″ 25mm f/2.8Computar V2528-MPYCC250-12M
Computar C-Mount 12MP 1.1″ 35mm f/2.8Computar V3528-MPYCC350-12M
Cables for Atlas Models
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable – 2.0m, Dark Green LUCID CAB-MR-2MCAB-MR-2M
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable (Amphenol) – 5.0m, Dark Green LUCID CAB-MR-5M-ACAB-MR-5M-A
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable – 5.0m, Dark GreenLUCID CAB-MR-5MCAB-MR-5M
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable – 15.0m, Dark GreenLUCID CAB-MR-15MCAB-MR-15M
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable [Right Angle, Down] – 5m, Dark GreenLUCID CAB-MR-5M-RA1CAB-MR-5M-RA1
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable [Right Angle, Down] – 15m, Dark GreenLUCID CAB-MR-15M-RA1CAB-MR-15M-RA1
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable [Right Angle, Up] – 5m, Dark GreenLUCID CAB-MR-5M-RA2CAB-MR-5M-RA2
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable [Right Angle, Up] – 15m, Dark GreenLUCID CAB-MR-15M-RA2CAB-MR-15M-RA2
M8 GPIO 8-pin 1.0m CableLUCID GPIO-M8GPIO-M8
M8 GPIO 8-pin 5.0m CableLUCID GPIO-M8-5MGPIO-M8-5M
M8 GPIO 8-pin 15.0m CableLUCID GPIO-M8-15MGPIO-M8-15M
M8 GPIO 8-pin Cable [Right Angle, Down(Triton) / Up(Atlas)]-5.0mLUCID GPIO-M8-5M-RA1GPIO-M8-5M-RA1
M8 GPIO 8-pin Cable [Right Angle, Down(Triton) / Up(Atlas)]-15mLUCID GPIO-M8-15M-RA1GPIO-M8-15M-RA1
M8 GPIO 8-pin Cable [Right Angle, Up(Triton) / Down(Atlas)]-5.0mLUCID GPIO-M8-5M-RA2GPIO-M8-5M-RA2
M8 GPIO 8-pin Cable [Right Angle, Up(Triton) / Down(Atlas)]-15mLUCID GPIO-M8-15M-RA2GPIO-M8-15M-RA2
Tripod Mount Adapter
Atlas10 Tripod AdapterATX-TRATX-TR
Interface Cards, PoE Injectors, Power Supply
2-CH 10G/5G/2.5G/1G PoE+ NBASE-T Ethernet CardIOI DGEAP2X-PCIE8XG302PCIE-POE2-MG
10G/5G/2.5G/1G PoE+ NBASE-T Ethernet CardIOI GE10-PCIE4XG202PPCIE-POE1-MG
Procet 2.5/5.0/10GbE 60W PoE++ InjectorProcet PT-PSE104GB-60-10POEP-PT(EU)
M8 GPIO AC Adapter Power Supply (NA/EU/AU Versions)MEAN WELL GST60A18-P1JM8P-US1, M8P-EU1, M8P-AU1