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HDR Imaging for Automotive Sensing Applications

Triton™ HDR Camera with AltaView™ Tone Mapping
HDR Imaging For Automotive Sensing Applications White Paper PDF

The automotive industry, particularly the realm of autonomous vehicles and vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), faces numerous challenges with imaging and visual perception. As an essential part of an automotive vision system, cameras encounter a broad range of challenging environmental conditions, including fluctuating temperatures, changing weather, and diverse terrain. Cameras also navigate environments that include countless LED lights. In each of these environments, they must function seamlessly to provide high-quality images to not only ensure safe and accurate vehicle operation, but also provide data-rich images for AI training.

What’s Inside:

• Automotive Sensing Overview
• Overcoming Outdoor and Automotive Challenges
• Day & Night | Traditional HDR
• Solution: Triton HDR Camera
• Sony IMX490 Technology
• Next Steps: Applying Tone Mapping
• What is Tone Mapping? | Tone Mapping Examples
• Saving Development Time with AltaView
• Features and Benefits of AltaView

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