TFL-Mount to Canon EF-Mount (w/ GPIO and Power) Birger Adapter

The EF-Mount Lens to TFL-Mount Birger Adapter (ADA-TFL-EF-US/ADA-TFL-EF-EU) with M8 GPIO camera connection and Power supply provides the ability to use any Canon EF lens on the Atlas10/Atlas TFL-mount models. The M8 Connections allows the users to electronically focus the lens through serial commands. Comes with either NA or EU power supply.
DimensionsDiameter: ø 76.2 mm, Depth: 34.5 mm
Weight25 g (Adapter ring and M8 GPIO only)

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Getting Started / Downloads

Instructions on how to install and operate the TFL to EF mount Birger adapter please visit our KB Article “Using LUCID’s TFL to EF Lens Controller. This KB Article will explain the serial commands used to control and focus a Canon EF lens attached to the adapter on an Atlas TFL-mount model.
Birger EF Lens Adapter Layout
Read full instructions “Using LUCID’s TFL to EF Lens Controller” (