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ModelsMPResolutionFake FPSFPSSensorFormatPixel SizeShutterLens MountChromaGigE Vision Interface
ATL314S31.4 MP6464 x 4852 px117.9 fpsSony IMX342 CMOSAPS-C 27.9mm3.45 µmGlobalTFL (M35 x 0.75) / No MountMono / Color5GBASE-T, M12
ATL196S19.6 MP4416 x 4428 px227.9 fpsSony IMX367 CMOS4/3" 21.7mm3.45 µmGlobalTFL (M35 x 0.75)Mono / Color5GBASE-T, M12
ATL168S16.8 MP5456 x 3076 px332.9 fpsSony IMX387 CMOS4/3" 21.6mm3.45 µmGlobalTFL (M35 x 0.75)Mono / Color5GBASE-T, M12
ATL120S12.3 MP4096 x 3000 px442.5 fpsSony IMX253 CMOS1.1"3.45 µmGlobalC-mountMono / Color5GBASE-T, M12
ATL089S 8.9 MP4096 x 2160 px558.5 fpsSony IMX255 CMOS1"3.45 µmGlobalC-mountMono / Color5GBASE-T, M12
ATL071S7.1 MP3208 x 2200 px674.6 fpsSony IMX420 CMOS1.1"4.5 µmGlobalC-mountMono / Color5GBASE-T, M12
ATL050S5.0 MP2448 x 2048 px798 fpsSony IMX250 CMOS2/3"3.45 µmGlobalC-mountMono / Color5GBASE-T, M12
ATL028S2.8 MP1936 x 1464 px8173 fpsSony IMX421 CMOS2/3"4.5 µmGlobalC-mountMono / Color5GBASE-T, M12
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NEW! Explore our IP67 Atlas 5GBASE-T camera models

Our IP67 Atlas models offer the same 5GigE performance but with built-in IP67 protection for dust proof and water resistant operation.

ModelsMPResolutionFake FPSFPSSensorFormatPixel SizeShutterLens MountChromaGigE Vision InterfaceAvailability:
ATP245S24.5 MP5320 x 4600 px1TBDSony IMX540 CMOS4/3"2.74 µmGlobalC-mountMono / Color5GBASE-T, M12Q3 2021
ATP204S20.4 MP4504 x 4504 px2TBDSony IMX541 CMOS1.1"2.74 µmGlobalC-mountMono / Color5GBASE-T, M12Q3 2021
ATP200S20 MP5472 x 3648 px317.9 fpsSony IMX183 CMOS1"2.40 µmRollingC-mountMono / Color5GBASE-T, M12In Production
ATP162S16.2 MP5320 x 3032 px4TBDSony IMX542 CMOS1.1"2.74 µmGlobalC-mountMono / Color5GBASE-T, M12Q3 2021
ATP124S12.3 MP4096 x 3000 px5TBDSony IMX545 CMOS1/1.1"2.74 µmGlobalC-mountMono / Color5GBASE-T, M12Q4 2021
ATP120S12.3 MP4096 x 3000 px6TBDSony IMX253 CMOS1.1"3.45 µmGlobalC-mountMono / Color5GBASE-T, M12Q3 2021
ATP089S8.9 MP4096 x 2160 px7TBDSony IMX255 CMOS1"3.45 µmGlobalC-mountMono / Color5GBASE-T, M12Q3 2021
ATP081S8.1 MP2840 x 2840 px8TBDSony IMX546 CMOS2/3″2.74 µmGlobalC-mountMono / Color5GBASE-T, M12Q4 2021
ATP071S7.1 MP3208 x 2200 px974.6 fpsSony IMX420 CMOS1.1"4.5 µmGlobalC-mountMono / Color5GBASE-T, M12In Production
ATP051S5.0 MP2448 x 2048 px10TBDSony IMX547 CMOS1/1.8″2.74 µmGlobalC-mountMono / Color5GBASE-T, M12Q4 2021
ATP050S5.0 MP2448 x 2048 px11TBDSony IMX250 CMOS2/3"3.45 µmGlobalC-mountMono / Color5GBASE-T, M12Q3 2021
ATP028S2.8 MP1936 x 1464 px12TBDSony IMX421 CMOS2/3"4.5 µmGlobalC-mountMono / Color5GBASE-T, M12Q3 2021
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Benefits of 5GBase-T

The Atlas industrial camera is designed for imaging applications requiring high bandwidth in a compact size.  The 5Gbase-T (5GigE) Ethernet interface is 5 times faster than Gigabit Ethernet, 50% faster than USB 3.2 Gen 1×1 and works with up to 100m of regular copper Ethernet cable. Atlas supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) that simplifies integration and reduces cost. And, despite its compact size, Atlas supports large format APS-C image sensors without the need for large heatsinks or fans.  The 5GigE Atlas hits the sweet spot of faster frame rates, small size and excellent price-performance.

Next-Level Imaging Performance for Large Format Sensors

EMVA 1288 Performance Data for 31.4 MP Sony IMX342 Global Shutter APS-C CMOS

> 70 dB
Dynamic Range

< 2.5 e-
Temporal Dark Noise

> 10100 e-
Saturation Capacity

> 40 dB



Active Sensor Alignment

Active Sensor Alignment for Triton Camera

With larger sensors, minor discrepancies in sensor tilt and rotation can have a negative impact on imaging. That is why all Atlas cameras are actively aligned to minimize sensor tilt and rotation, and to place the center of the image sensor at the lens optical axis. The result is a precisely attached large format sensor that is aligned to the lens mount so that images are sharp and crisp, even in the corners. Learn more about our Active Sensor Alignment process in our tech brief.

5Gbps - 5x GigE Vision Speeds with Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Power Over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows both data and power over one M12 Ethernet cable, this adds value by reducing the number of cables needed and minimizing future maintenance.

GigE Vision Logo - White

100% Compliant

The Atlas is compatible with 3rd party software and hardware vendors that are GigE Vision compliant. This ensures reliable and consistent operations across different vendors.

M12 and M8 Connectors

The M12 Ethernet and M8 GPIO connectors are designed to withstand the demands of an industrial environment. The M12 Ethernet connector is standardized as IEC 61076-2-109 and is included in the GigE Vision standard. Its rugged design allows for resistance against strong vibration and protection against electrical interference.  The secure 8 pin M8 GPIO connector is standardized to IEC 61076-2-104 with an opto-coupled input line, an opto-coupled output line, and two bidirectional lines. M12 Ethernet and M8 GPIO connections are the superior choice for demanding applications such as industrial, automotive, agriculture, process control, food and beverage, and medical applications.

Atlas Camera with m12 and m8 cables
m12 m8- ndustrial cables

The Perfect Fit

TFL-Mount - JIIA Lens Standard Built for Large Format Sensors

The TFL-mount is designed specifically for large format sensors while maintaining an efficient size. This Japan Industrial Imaging Association (JIIA)  lens standard uses a 35 mm mount size with a back flange focal distance (BFD) of 17.526mm.  The TFL-mount can also take advantage of F-mount lenses with the addition of a ring adapter.

TFL-mount for APS-C and 4/3" sensors

Arena Software Development Kit (SDK)
Arena SDK

Arena SDK

Welcome to our powerful software development kit called Arena. The Arena SDK is designed from the ground up to leverage the high resolution Atlas camera. It works fast with less functions calls and is simpler to use thanks to its modern GUI based on the GenICam standard.

• Includes example code and a robust set of APIs.
• Search for help topics in our easy-to-use HTML5 documentation
• Arena UI toolkit for rapid development of custom GUIs
• ArenaView GUI for image acquisition and camera configuration

Visit the Arena SDK page to learn more.

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