ADASTEC Bus Lucid Trimark World's First Level-4 Autonomous Electric Bus CASE STUDY SEE CASE STUDY + VIDEO Triton 5.4 MP cameras help guide the first full size self-driving bus that has been certified safe for 24/7 operation on public roads IMX264 Lucid Trimark New Triton & Phoenix Models Featuring Next Gen Sony Polarization Sensors SEE CAMERA MODELS Same high quality performance at a significantly lower price New 5.0 MP Camera Models
Feat. Sony IMX264MZR/MYR Polarization Sensors
Lucid Trimark NEW Atlas10 4th Gen Pregius S™ Models ATX124S IMX535 (12.3 MP) ATX051S IMX537 (5.0 MP) ATX081S IMX536 (8.1 MP) Learn More 10GigE with PoE Logo Sony-pregius-sensor-cmos Sony IMX530 CMOS Pregius S Pixel 4th generation Sony pregius-s Triton Pregius Models Triton industrial camera Lucid Trimark Sony IMX530 CMOS Pregius S Pixel 4th generation Sony pregius-s Sony-pregius-sensor-cmos NEW Triton 4th Gen Pregius S™ Models TRI124S IMX545 (12.3 MP) TRI051S IMX547 (5.0 MP) TRI081S IMX546 (8.1 MP) LEARN MORE Triton Factory tough New Pregius S models have been
added to the Factory Tough™ Triton series:

LUCID Vision Labs™, Inc. designs and manufactures innovative machine vision cameras and components that utilize the latest technologies to deliver exceptional value to customers.

 Our compact, high-performance GigE Vision cameras are suited for a wide range of industries and applications such as factory automation, medical, life sciences and logistics. Our expertise combines deep industry experience with a passion for product quality, technology innovation and customer service excellence. LUCID Vision Labs, Inc. was founded in January 2017 and is located in Richmond, BC, Canada with local offices in Germany, Japan, China and Taiwan. Read more.

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