Helios2+ Time of Flight (ToF) IP67 3D Camera

Get an IP67 “factory tough”, high-performance 3D camera with the accuracy and precision you need powered by LUCID’s 3D ISP core and Sony’s DepthSense IMX556 Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor. With the Helios2+ camera delivering two new features – High Dynamic Range (HDR) and High-Speed modes – over the original Helios2, the Helios2+ provides unmatched depth data clarity and high-speed 3D imaging for 24/7 operation in harsh industrial environments.

Sony DepthSense IMX556 CMOS
0.3 MP 640 x 480 px
Frame Rate
30 FPS (Normal)
10 FPS (HDR)
103 FPS (High-Speed)
Model SKUsChromaWorking DistanceIP RatingGigE Vision ConnectorIncluded Accessory
HTP003S-001Mono0.3 m to 8.3 mIP67M12M8 GPIO IP67 Cap

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Helios2+ Time-of-Flight Camera with On-Camera HDR & High Speed Features

The Helios2+ is an advanced version of the Helios2 ToF camera offering two new key features enabling deployment in challenging environments, High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode and High Speed Time-of-Flight mode, while retaining all other benefits of the Helios2.  Both HDR and High-Speed modes are realized entirely with on-camera processing and will impair minimal changes on the vision systems back-end. The Helios2+ shares the same ‘factory tough’ industrial platform with its predecessor and is 100% mechanically and electronically compatible with the Helios2 to offer a seamless upgrade path for existing customers. Its compact form factor, industrial reliability and attractive price point make the Helios2+ ideal for many demanding 3D applications such as 3D inspection, automated material handling and robotics to run more efficiently while reducing overall system cost.

High Dynamic Range Video Example

The High Dynamic Range mode fuses multiple exposures in the phase domain to provide accurate depth information in high contrast, complex scenes, containing both highly reflective and low reflectivity objects.

High-Speed Mode Video Example

The High-Speed mode enables depth perception using a single phase measurement to realize faster acquisition speed and higher framerates. This allows 3D imaging of moving objects without distortion at the expense of accuracy and distance range.

Interactive Helios2+ HDR Samples Files

Point Cloud Car Small

Front of Car (HDR)
Distance of Helios2+ from Car:  1000 mm
Using “5m” Mode, HDR Standard
Heat Depth Color Overlay
Download PLY file (PLY, 3.1 MB)

Point Cloud Car Wheel Small

Car Wheel / Side Panel (HDR)
Distance of Helios2+ from Wheel: 1000 mm
Using “5m” Mode, HDR Standard
Heat Depth Color Overlay
Download PLY file (PLY, 7.2 MB)


Interface and Power Information
Digital Interface1000BASE-T GigE, M12 X-coded, PoE
GPIO Interface8 pin M8 connector
Opto-Isolated I/O Ports1 input (2.5V-24V and 10.5V-24V), 1 output
Non-Isolated I/O Ports2 bi-directional
Power RequirementPoE+ (IEEE 802.3at) or 18-24 V through GPIO
Power Consumption18-24Vdc ±5%, Pavg <12W, <30W peak power
Sensor Properties
Sensor ModelSony DepthSense IMX556PLR CMOS
Shutter TypeGlobal
Sensor Size8 mm (Type 1/2″)
Resolution640 x 480 px, 0.3 MP
Pixel Size10.0 µm (H) x 10.0 µm (V)
Framerate30 FPS @ 0.3 MP (Normal modes)*
10 FPS @ 0.3 MP (HDR modes)*
103 FPS @ 0.3 MP (High Speed modes)*
*See below FPS charts for more info
Physical Properties
Dimensions60 x 60 x 77.5 mm
Weight398 g
Ingress ProtectionIP67 (For IP67 protection Helios2 must be used with IP67 cables)
Ambient Light FilterYes, integrated on-camera
Lens Field of View69⁰ x 51⁰ (nominal)
Illumination4 x VCSEL laser diodes, Class 1, @ 850nm
Standard and Certifications
StandardGigE Vision v2.0, GenICam 3D
ComplianceCE, FCC, RoHS, REACH, WEEE,
Eye Safety Class 1 IEC/EN 60825-1:2014
Operating Temperature-20° to 50°C (Case Temperature)
Shock and VibrationDIN EN 60068-2-27, DIN EN 60068-2-64, DIN EN 60068-2-6
Industrial EMC ImmunityDIN EN 61000-6-2,
OS SupportWindows and Linux
Software SupportArena SDK, C++, C, C#, Python
Warranty3 year

Pixel Formats
Range Data
Coord3D_ABCY164-ch point cloud XYZ + Intensity, 16 bits per channel, unsigned
Coord3D_ABC163-ch point cloud XYZ, 16 bits per channel, unsigned
Coord3D_C16Depth map Z plane, 16 bits, unsigned
Coord3D_C16Y8Depth Map Z plane, 16 bits + Intensity, 8 bits, unsigned
Coord3D_CY16Depth Map Z plane + Intensity, 16 bits for each channel, unsigned
Intensity Image
Mono88 bit per pixel monochrome raw image
Mono12Packed12 bit per pixel monochrome raw image
Mono12p12 bit per pixel in bit stream, monochrome raw image
Mono1616 bit per pixel monochrome raw image
Confidence Data
Confidence16Confidence map, 16 bits
Imaging Properties
Exposure ControlHDR: Auto
Manual 3 settings: 62.5 μs, 250 μs, or 1000 μs
Gain ControlManual, 2 settings: High or Low
SynchronizationSoftware trigger, hardware trigger, PTP (IEEE 1588)
Output FormatBinary .PLY file (via Arena SDK)
Camera Features
User Sets1 default and 2 custom user set
Chunk DataImage, CRC, timestamp, line status, pixel format, width/height, offset X/Y, pixel dynamic range min/max
Working Distance0.3 m to 8.33 m
Operating Distance Modes6 Modes: (1) 1250 mm, (2) 3000 mm, (3) 4000 mm, (4) 5000 mm, (5) 6000 mm, (6) 8333 mm
High Speed ToF, 3 Modes: (1) 625 mm, (2) 1250 mm, (3) 2500 mm
AccuracySee Performance Tab
Precision (Depth Noise)See Performance Tab
Communication Channels5 Channels. Allows users to operate up to 5 Helios2 cameras without interference between cameras. (Cross compatible with HTW003S-001, HTP003S-001, HLT003S-001)
Flying Pixel FilterYes
Intrinsic parameters available
Normal Modes – Maximum Frame Rates
1250 mm120 MHz30 FPS
3000 mm50 MHz30 FPS
4000 mm37 MHz30 FPS
5000 mm120 + 90 MHz30 FPS
6000 mm25 MHz30 FPS
8300 mm90 + 72 MHz30 FPS
High-Speed Modes – Maximum Frame Rates
(Pixel Format:
(Pixel Format:
(Pixel Format:
(Pixel Format:
625 mm100 MHz45 FPS60 FPS90 FPS103 FPS
1250 mm50 MHz45 FPS60 FPS90 FPS103 FPS
2500 mm25 MHz45 FPS60 FPS90 FPS103 FPS

HDR Modes – Maximum Frame Rates
HDR ModeDescriptionNumber of Depth FramesFPS
Standard HDRExposure fusion of:
• 1 x 62.5 µs
• 1 x 250 µs
• 1 x 1000 µs
(x2 in multi-frequency modes)
(x2 in multi-frequency modes)
Low Noise HDR
Exposure fusion of:
• 1 x 62.5 µs
• 1 x 250 µs
• 4 x 1000 µs
(x2 in multi-frequency modes)
(x2 in multi-frequency modes)
Low Noise HDR
Exposure fusion of:
• 1 x 62.5 µs
• 1 x 250 µs
• 8 x 1000 µs
(x2 in multi-frequency modes)
(x2 in multi-frequency modes)


Helios2+ Performance Results (Normal Modes)
Interactive graphs

Helios2+ Accuracy | Normal Modes
Distance (m)Accuracy
 1250mm Mode (up to 1.25m)± 4 mm 
 3000mm Mode (up to 3.0m) ± 10 mm
 4000mm Mode (up to 4.0m) ± 10 mm + 0.25% of depth
 5000mm Mode (up to 5.0m) ± 4 mm + 0.1% of depth
 6000mm Mode (up to 6.0m) ± 10 mm + 0.5% of depth
 8300mm Mode (up to 8.3m) ± 4 mm +0.2% of depth
Helios2+ Precision | Normal Modes
 Distance (m) 1250mm Mode3000mm Mode4000mm Mode 5000mm Mode 6000mm Mode 8300mm Mode 
 0.5* 1.0 mm 1.9 mm 2.1 mm 0.7 mm (0.629 mm) 3.6 mm 0.8 mm
 1 0.8 mm 1.3 mm 2.1 mm 0.6 mm (0.287 mm) 2.7 mm 0.6 mm
1.5 1.1 mm 2.5 mm 2.9 mm 0.9 mm (0.463 mm) 4.0 mm 1.1 mm
 2 1.8 mm 3.7 mm 4.9 mm 1.4 mm (0.726 mm) 7.8 mm 1.7 mm
 3  5.7 mm 8.6 mm 2.2 mm (1.296 mm) 10.0 mm 2.5 mm
 4   12.3 mm 3.3 mm (1.904 mm) 15.7 mm 4.1 mm
 5    5.1 mm (2.845 mm) 28.1 mm 6.1 mm
 6     30.1 mm 7.9 mm
 7     11.8 mm
 8     14.48 mm
The number in brackets () is Precision results of HDR Low Noise Mode. We are only showing the 5000mm mode results to illustrate the benefits but HDR mode is available for all distance modes and improves prevision for all modes.
*0.5 m distance precision measured with 250 µs exposure time, all other distances using 1000 µs exposure time measured with white paper target.
Test Conditions:
  • Target: White paper mounted on bar attached to motion stage
  • Helios2+ positioning: mounted on tripod, laser distance meter used to measure distance from case front to stage zero position
  • Camera setting: Coord3D_C16 Pixel Format, bilateral filtering OFF, camera warmed up for 20 minutes.
  • Imaging environment: Room light on during testing, black material used to minimize reflections off floor
  • Motion stage moved in 50mm steps, for each step measure depth over 10x10 pixel ROI at image center, repeat 32 times at each position
  • Accuracy measured as difference between camera’s average measured depth across the ROI and 32 images and the ground truth depth (stage zero distance + stage position)
HDR Precision (5000mm Mode)
Exposure Time is 250μs for distances of 800mm and below, 1000μs for distance above 800mm.


Helios2+ Camera Drawings

Helios2 Dimensional Drawings

Getting Started / Downloads

Getting Started Guide

For camera setup please visit our Getting Started Guide for LUCID cameras. This page covers how to:
  • Connect your camera for the first time
  • Download and install Arena SDK or 3rd party software
  • Enable Jumbo Frames on the Host PC and Camera
  • Assign camera IP address
  • Update camera firmware


Visit our Downloads Page for access to:
  • Arena SDK (Arena View, APIs, Examples)
  • 3D CAD drawings (.step files)
  • Camera firmware files
  • Technical Documentation


Tripod adapters, lenses, cables, and Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Ethernet injectors / interface cards are sold separately. Please note that Ethernet ports on most consumer motherboards and laptops do not support PoE. Visit our Accessories page for complete details on all accessories.
Cables for Helios ModelsManufacturer Part #LUCID Part #Subject to 25% US import tariff?
(US customers only)
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable (Amphenol) – 2.0m, Dark Green LUCID CAB-MR-2M-ACAB-MR-2M-ANo
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable (Amphenol) – 5.0m, Dark Green LUCID CAB-MR-5M-ACAB-MR-5M-ANo
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable (Amphenol) – 15.0m, Dark GreenLUCID CAB-MR-15M-ACAB-MR-15M-ANo
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable (Amphenol) [Right Angle, Down] – 5m LUCID CAB-MR-5M-RA1-ACAB-MR-5M-RA1-ANo
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable (Amphenol) [Right Angle, Down] – 15m LUCID CAB-MR-15M-RA1-ACAB-MR-15M-RA1-ANo
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable (Amphenol) [Right Angle, Up] – 5m LUCID CAB-MR-5M-RA2-ACAB-MR-5M-RA2-ANo
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable (Amphenol) [Right Angle, Up] – 15m LUCID CAB-MR-15M-RA2-ACAB-MR-15M-RA2-ANo
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable (Amphenol) [Right Angle, Atlas/Helios Side] – 5m LUCID CAB-MR-5M-RA3-ACAB-MR-5M-RA3-ANo
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable (Amphenol) [Right Angle, Atlas/Helios Side] – 15m LUCID CAB-MR-15M-RA3-ACAB-MR-15M-RA3-ANo
M8 GPIO 8-pin (Amphenol) 1.0m CableLUCID GPIO-M8-1M-AGPIO-M8-1M-ANo
M8 GPIO 8-pin (Amphenol) 5.0m CableLUCID GPIO-M8-5M-AGPIO-M8-5M-ANo
M8 GPIO 8-pin (Amphenol) 15.0m CableLUCID GPIO-M8-15M-AGPIO-M8-15M-ANo
M8 GPIO 8-pin Cable [Right Angle, Down(Triton) / Up(Atlas & Helios)] (Amphenol) -5.0m LUCID GPIO-M8-5M-RA1-AGPIO-M8-5M-RA1-ANo
M8 GPIO 8-pin Cable [Right Angle, Down(Triton) / Up(Atlas & Helios)] (Amphenol) -15.0m LUCID GPIO-M8-15M-RA1-AGPIO-M8-15M-RA1-ANo
M8 GPIO 8-pin Cable [Right Angle, Up(Triton) / Down(Atlas & Helios)] (Amphenol) -5.0m LUCID GPIO-M8-5M-RA2-AGPIO-M8-5M-RA2-ANo
M8 GPIO 8-pin Cable [Right Angle, Up(Triton) / Down(Atlas & Helios)] (Amphenol) -15.0m LUCID GPIO-M8-15M-RA2-AGPIO-M8-15M-RA2-ANo
Tripod Mount Adapter & Misc
Helios2 Tripod AdapterATL-TRATL-TRNo
M8 GPIO IP67 Low Profile CapCAP-M8-ACAP-M8-ANo
PoE+ Interface Cards, Power Supply
NOTE: The Helios2/2+ requires a IEEE 802.3at (PoE+) compliant interface card or injector for proper operation. The Helios2 Wide is NOT PoE and requires GPIO power supply.
4-CH PCIe 2.5G/1G, GigE Vision PoE+ Cardioi GE2PX4-PCIE4XE301PCIE-POE4-2GNo
M8 GPIO AC Adapter Power Supply (NA/EU/AU Versions)MEAN WELL GST60A18-P1JM8P-US1, M8P-EU1, M8P-AU1Yes