TFL-II Mount to Canon EF-Mount (w/ GPIO and Power) Birger Adapter

The TFL-II Mount to EF-Mount Birger Adapter (ADA-TFL2-EF-US/ADA-TFL2-EF-EU) with M8 GPIO camera connection and Power supply provides the ability to use any Canon EF lens on the Atlas10 TFL-II mount models. The M8 Connections allows the users to electronically focus the lens through serial commands. Comes with either NA or EU power supply.
DimensionsDiameter: ø 76.2 mm, Depth: 34.5 mm
Weight25 g (Adapter ring and M8 GPIO only)

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Getting Started / Downloads

Instructions on how to install and operate the TFL-II to EF mount Birger adapter please visit our KB Article “Using LUCID’s TFL to EF Lens Controller. This KB Article will explain the serial commands used to control and focus a Canon EF lens attached to the adapter on an Atlas TFL-mount model.
Birger EF Lens Adapter Layout
Read full instructions “Using LUCID’s TFL to EF Lens Controller” (