Machine Vision Camera Technology Overview

Phoenix Phoenix is a flexible GigE PoE camera module designed for easy OEM integration. With a wide selection of sensors from 0.4 MP to 20 MP, 4 lens mounts, 3 camera orientations, and 3 interface connector options, the camera can be adapted for various applications. Explore Flexible Camera Module Designed for Easy OEM Integration TM 24x24 mm & 28x28 mm Sizes Gige-Vision-Logo-white genicam-logo-white Phoenix Machine Vision Camera phoenix-camera-Lens-Mount Phoenix-camera-different-camera-shapes-200 Phoenix-Connectors 4 Lens Mounts 3 Camera Orientations 3 Connectors

Slide Triton Shock & vibration certified • IP67 ready • Wide operating temperature • Below FCC Class B EMI emissions Edge Computing Camera Learn More Factory Tough Triton Edge with Xilinx UltraScale+ MPSoC Triton Machine Vision Camera M12 GigE PoE M8 8-Pin GPIO Die-cast Aluminium Case
29 x 29 x 45 mm
IP67 Lens Tube Mount Explore Triton Factory tough Built with industrial grade immunity. Lightweight and compact 29 x 29 mm size. Active sensor alignment for superior optical performance. GigE Vision and GenICam compliant PoE machine vision camera designed for all industrial environments. Exceptional price performance starting at $365 USD. TM TM

Atlas Atlas is a GigE Vision and GenICam compliant camera capable of 600 MB/s data transfer rates (5Gbps), allowing for high resolutions and frame rates over standard copper Ethernet cables up to 100 meters. It features a TFL lens mount (M35) that is easily adaptable to F-mount and Active Sensor Alignment for superior optical performance. 2.8 MP to 31.4 MP Sony Pregius Sensors over 5GBASE-T PoE TM Atlas 5gige industrial camera Designed for industrial applications such as factory automation and inspection, autonomous robotics, logistics, food and beverage, medical, biometrics and more. 5GigE Explore 600

Slide 10GigE with PoE Logo Atlas10 10Gige Camera with PoE Atlas10 1.2 GB/s Bandwidth
Active Sensor Alignment
PTP (IEEE 1588) Trigger
Compact 55 x 55 mm
PoE Enabled
Gige-Vision-Logo-white genicam-logo-white 4th generation Sony pregius-s The perfect combination - fast 10 Gigabit Ethernet with Power over Ethernet (PoE) paired with Sony's 4th generation Pregius S CMOS sensors, the Atlas10 improves simplicity and brings performance for high speed applications to new levels. All Atlas10 cameras are actively sensor aligned for maximum optical performance. The Atlas10 models feature Sony's 4th generation Pregius S global shutter CMOS sensors. Atlas10 10GigE Camera with Sony Pregius S IMX530 Explore

Helios The Next Generation of Time of Flight TM Gige-Vision-Logo-white genicam-logo-white ToF logo 1Gb/s Bandwidth, Power over Ethernet (PoE),
M8 GPIO for Trigger and Sync.
Helios2 3D Time of Flight (ToF) Camera Helios2 3D Time of Flight (ToF) Camera M12 Gigabit Ethernet Sony DepthSense IMX556PLR CMOS Back-Illuminated ToF Sensor
640x480 @ 30FPS, 8.3m Max Range
High Accuracy with Sub-millimeter Precision
IP67 Camera, Industrial Immunity Dirt, Dust and Water Protection,
High EMC Immunity - IEC/EN 61000-6-2 Certified
850nm Class 1 VSCELs Multi-Frequency, High Modulation Contrast. Eye Safe. 2 Explore Helios2 3D Time of Flight (ToF) Camera

LUCID Camera Advantages


Improve Image Transmission

With Our High Performance Driver
Designed with an emphasis on reducing CPU resources while increasing reliability. By using our high performance GigE driver, you decrease the chance of lost packets by prioritizing the data packets from the camera to the host.

With Image Buffer
In case of bandwidth congestion our Phoenix and Triton cameras include 128 MB of image buffer while our Atlas cameras include 380 MB. Image buffer greatly reduces image loss and image corruption by storing recently acquired frames for possible resend.

With Efficient Packet Resend
Powered by our next generation ISP, our cameras have more time and more resources to calculate efficient, ultra low latency packet resend.

active sensor alignment


Active Sensor Alignment

Active Sensor Alignment for Triton Camera

All Triton and Atlas cameras are actively aligned to minimize image sensor tilt, image sensor rotation, and to place the center of the image sensor at the lens optical axis. Our six degrees of freedom manufacturing process accurately and precisely positions the image sensor to the lens mount so that images are sharp and crisp, even in the corners.
active sensor alignment


Maximize Efficiency and Reliability

on-camera firmware update tool

With On-Camera Firmware Update

Our on-camera firmware update tool ensures a user-friendly and safe update process. We’ve added multi-layered inspection points to the update process so that in the event of a failure, the camera will recover its previous firmware, allowing it to get back up and running automatically.

streamlined isp

With Streamlined Modern Architecture

Our Image Signal Processing (ISP) pipeline is built from the ground up with modern architecture designed to maximize speed and efficiency. For example, change ROI and increase frame rates without hitting FPS limitations; enable Color Correction Matrix (CCM) without frame rate slow downs; and improve overall system speed with true zero packet delay.

Camera testing

Through Extensive Testing

Our experience in camera manufacturing allows us to produce industrial cameras with exceptional quality. We test and qualify our cameras for wide environmental tolerances and low EMI. Our cameras are built to withstand industrial environments without unforeseen interference with other components.


Reduce Acclimation Time

Using Our Arena SDK
Our Arena SDK offers a comprehensive list of APIs for efficient and custom camera control; code examples to quickly get up to speed; and the ArenaView for easy access streaming and camera validation.

Using Our HTML User Manuals
Our HTML-based user manuals make learning about our cameras quick and easy. Search for features and view topics without downloading large PDF files.

By Contacting Our Staff
Our Sales and Support staff all have extensive industry experience. We’re ready to answer your questions! Contact us to learn more.


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