Up to 31.4 MP Sony Pregius Sensors over 5GBASE-T PoE

Atlas is a GigE Vision and GenICam compliant camera capable of 600 MB/s data transfer rates, allowing high resolutions and high frame rates over standard Ethernet cables up to 100 meters. Featuring a M35 lens mount that is easily adaptable to F-mount and Active Sensor Alignment for superior optical performance.

Atlas High Resolution 5GBASE-T Camera

First Atlas 5GBASE-T Models Coming Q1 2019

Preliminary Specifications

ModelsMPResolutionFake FPSFPSSensorFormatPixel SizeShutterLens MountChromaGigE Vision Interface
ATL314S31.4 MP6464 x 4852 px117.9 fpsSony IMX342 CMOSAPS-C 27.9mm3.45 µmGlobalTFL (M35 x 0.75)Mono / Color5GBASE-T, M12
ATL196S19.6 MP4416 x 4428 px228 fpsSony IMX367 CMOS4/3" 21.6mm3.45 µmGlobalTFL (M35 x 0.75)Mono / Color5GBASE-T, M12
ATL168S16.8 MP5456 x 3076 px333 fpsSony IMX387 CMOS4/3" 21.7mm3.45 µmGlobalTFL (M35 x 0.75)Mono / Color5GBASE-T, M12

Preliminary EMVA 1288 Performance Results for Sony IMX342 CMOS

ATL314S (Mono, Sony IMX342 CMOS)
Mono EVMA 1288 Results
Dynamic Range70.85 dB
SNR (Max)40.07 dB
Saturation Capacity10162 e-
Absolute Sensitivity Threshold (Measured at 527.5nm)4.21 γ
Temporal Dark Noise2.28 e-
Gain0.37 DN / e-
ATL314S (Color, Sony IMX342 CMOS)
Color EVMA 1288 Results
Dynamic Range71.03 dB
SNR (Max)40.20 dB
Saturation Capacity10493 e-
Absolute Sensitivity Threshold (Measured at 527.5nm)4.67 γ
Temporal Dark Noise2.32 e-
Gain0.37 DN / e-

Active Sensor Alignment

All Atlas cameras are actively aligned during manufacturing to minimize sensor tilt and rotation, and to place the center of the sensor at the lens optical axis. Enjoy clear image quality and consistency across all Atlas units.

High Resolution Sensors

Sony Pregius sensors, up to 31.4 MP, at fast frame rates. Best in class imaging and global shutter CMOS performance for APS-C and 4/3″ sensor sizes.

M12 and M8 Connectors

Designed for error free operation in environments with high vibration, dust and water. Shielded against electrical interference.

600 MB/s Bandwidth

Streams high resolution images at fast frame rates over regular CAT5e or CAT6 Ethernet cabling. Compatible with NBASE-T IEEE P802.3bz interface cards and switches that support 5GBASE-T (625 MB/s) and 2.5GBASE-T (312.5 MB/s) standards.