See LUCID's latest machine vision cameras at Vision China Shanghai 2024

LUCID is excited to present its latest machine vision camera innovations at the Vision China Shanghai exhibition from July 8–10, 2024. Visit us at Booth #E1.1400 to explore our product highlights designed for a wide range of industrial applications.

New High-Resolution Triton2 SWIR Camera
Introducing the new Triton2 – 2.5GigE SWIR cameras featuring Sony’s high-resolution IMX992 and IMX993 SenSWIR InGaAs sensors. These advanced sensors excel in the short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) spectrum, offering impressive resolutions of 5.2 MP for the IMX992 and 3.2 MP for the IMX993. Combined with a 2.5GigE (300MB/s) bandwidth and IP67 rating in a robust and compact form factor, the Triton2 SWIR offers outstanding performance and value.

Triton2 EVS Event-Based Camera
The new Triton2 EVS camera, featuring Sony’s event-based IMX636 and IMX637 sensors, captures event-based data. Unlike traditional cameras that take frames, these sensors use event-based pixels to continuously sample incoming light and generate signals only when the light level changes. The IMX636 and IMX637 sensors combine Sony’s CMOS sensor technology with Prophesee’s unique event-based Metavision sensing technologies.

High-Speed Ethernet Cameras: 10GigE + RDMA
Experience the award-winning Atlas10 camera, featuring Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA). This technology reliably streams data at 1.2 GB/s directly to main memory, bypassing the CPU and OS. This increases throughput, reduces latency, and eliminates CPU usage, which makes the Atlas10 camera ideal for reliable multi-10GigE camera applications.

Helios2 Ray Time-of-Flight + RGB Camera
Explore the Helios2 Ray Time-of-Flight (ToF) camera combined with a Triton 3.2 MP color camera. Utilizing Sony’s DepthSense IMX556PLR ToF sensor, the Helios2 Ray generates 3D point clouds with color overlay in outdoor lighting conditions. Equipped with 940nm VCSEL laser diodes, the Helios2 Ray + RGB produces real-time 3D point clouds, even in direct sunlight, making it suitable for various outdoor applications.

Seminar Presentation at Vision China Shanghai

LUCID will be presenting at the Vision China Shanghai seminar series on Tuesday, July 9th, 2024 from 11:20 – 11:40am. Our presentation is titled “Advanced Sensing with LUCID’s Latest SWIR and UV Cameras” and will be presented by Felix Ye, Field Application Engineer at LUCID.

Join us at Vision China Shanghai 2024 to see LUCID’s latest camera technologies in action in Booth #E1.1400.