Material handling automation is a growing application area for both industrial and logistic markets. Automating the pick and place task helps to increase efficiency and reduce labor cost. Many existing solutions use expensive structured light to capture a 3D point cloud in order to get an accurate representation of the object. LUCID’s new 3D camera features Sony’s new DepthSenseTM Time of Flight sensor. The new camera is designed to work indoors in local, high accuracy or coarse, high speed inspection applications. This makes the camera a lower cost and less complex alternative to structured light scanners while providing similar level of 3D accuracy.

At Control Vision Talks in Stuttgart, Torsten Wiesinger, General Manager EMEA, will be giving a presentation titled “Time-of-Flight gets precise with Sony DepthSense Sensor”

When: May 7, 2019 at 1pm

Where: Hall 6, Stand 6515 

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