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Vision Stuttgart 2022Thank you for visiting us at VISION!
UPDATE: New photos/videos from the show – scroll down to see! Thank you to everyone who came by our booth and learned about all of our exciting new vision technologies, including new 2.5 GigE, 10GigE with RDMA, 25 GigE, 3D time-of-flight, UV, SWIR, and Event-based cameras. For those that couldn’t make it, scroll down to see photos and videos of the demos at the show. See you in 2024!

LUCID at VISION Stuttgart
LUCID VISION Handout opening
LUCID Vision Stuttgart Handout opened

Industrial VISION Days Presentation

Title: The Advantages of JupyterLab for Machine Vision
Presenter: Alexis Teissie

In this presentation, we go over the main benefits of using JupterLab for machine vision, in particular for the initial stages of evaluation and development. JupyterLab is an opensource, web-based, interactive, development tool. It allows one to easily experiment and explore ideas for your vision IP out of the box.


Scroll down to explore all the new LUCID technologies with show images and side video explanations


World's First 2.5GigE Industrial Machine Vision Camera

Triton IP67 cartoon
Triton2 2.5GigE Camera

2.5GigE Camera LogoEasily upgrade your 1GigE camera to 2.5GigE with the cost effective, compact, and uncompromised design of Triton2. The new Triton2 IP67 2.5 GigE camera features 4th Gen Pregius S sensors ranging from 5.0-24.5 MP, allowing for higher resolution and frame rates over Cat5e/Cat6 cabling. With a compact 29x44x45 mm size, 250% the bandwidth of 1GigE, Power over Ethernet (PoE), and excellent price-performance, Triton2 is a nice upgrade from 1GigE cameras and a good alternative to USB 3.0.

ModelMPResolutionFPSSensorFormatPixel SizeShutterLens MountChromaInterfaceAvailability
TRT245S24.5 MP5320 x 4600 px11.3 fpsSony IMX540 CMOS1.2"2.74 µmGlobalCMono / Color2.5GigE M12In Production
TRT204S20.4 MP4504 x 4504 px13.5 fpsSony IMX541 CMOS1.1"2.74 µmGlobalCMono / Color2.5GigE M12In Production
TRT200S20.0 MP5472 x 3648 px9.0 fpsSony IMX183 CMOS1"2.40 µmRollingCMono / Color2.5GigE M12In Production
TRT162S16.2 MP5320 x 3040 px17.5 fpsSony IMX542 CMOS1.1"2.74 µmGlobalCMono / Color2.5GigE M12In Production
TRT124S12.3 MP4096 x 3000 px21.7 fpsSony IMX545 CMOS1/1.1"2.74 µmGlobalCMono / Color2.5GigE M12In Production
TRT120S12.3 MP4096 x 3000 px22.6 fpsSony IMX304 CMOS1.1"3.45 µmGlobalCMono / Color2.5GigE M12In Production
TRT081S8.1 MP2840 x 2840 px31.8 fpsSony IMX546 CMOS2/3″2.74 µmGlobalCMono / Color2.5GigE M12In Production
TRT071S7.1 MP3208 x 2200 px35 fpsSony IMX428 CMOS1.1"4.5 µmGlobalCMono / Color2.5GigE M12Available to Order
TRT064S6.3 MP3072 x 2048 px42.8 fpsSony IMX178 CMOS1/1.8”2.40 µmRollingCMono / Color2.5GigE M12Available to Order
TRT051S5.0 MP2448 x 2048 px49.2 fpsSony IMX547 CMOS1/1.8″2.74 µmGlobalCMono / Color2.5GigE M12In Production
TRT050S5.0 MP2448 x 2048 px35.6 fpsSony IMX264 CMOS2/3"3.45 µmGlobalCMono / Color2.5GigE M12In Production
TRT028S2.8 MP1936 x 1464 px64.9 fpsSony IMX429 CMOS2/3"4.5 µmGlobalCMono / Color2.5GigE M12Available to Order
TRT024G2.4 MP2048 x 1200 px107.2 fpsGpixel GMAX4002 CMOS1/1.7"4.0 µmGlobalCMono / Color2.5GigE M12In Production
TRT023S2.3 MP1920 x 1200 px116.7 fpsSony IMX392 CMOS1/2.3"3.45 µmGlobalCMono / Color2.5GigE M12In Production
TRT016S1.6 MP1440 x 1080 px166.3 fpsSony IMX273 CMOS1/2.9"3.45 µmGlobalCMono / Color2.5GigE M12In Production


10GigE with Remote DMA for Optimized Image Streaming

10gige-with-RDMANo more bottlenecks with LUCID’s RDMA cameras! The Atlas10 with RDMA* reliably streams 1.2 GB/s of data directly to main memory, bypassing the CPU and OS. This increases throughput, lowers latency, and eliminates CPU usage, which is required for reliable multi-10GigE camera applications.

RDMA Camera - Atlas10 10GigE camera with RDMA

Two new models within LUCID’s high-end Atlas® 10GigE camera portfolio will also be unveiled. The 65-megapixel Atlas10 will be LUCID’s highest resolution camera and features the Gpixel GMAX3265 image sensor. The 65 MP GMAX3265 sensor is sized to fit comfortably behind a 35 mm lens, making it a cost-effective solution for applications ranging from high-end surveillance to high resolution inspection. In addition, the 8.1 MP Atlas10 camera utilizing the new Sony IMX487 ultraviolet (UV) sensor will also be shown for the first time. The IMX487 sensor with UV imaging capability features the global shutter function and high-speed operation of Sony’s Pregius S technology.

*To take advantage of RDMA, a 10GigE RDMA interface card is required. A firmware update is needed for existing Atlas10 camera units.

10gige rmda cartoon bubble
ModelMPResolutionFPSSensorShutterLens MountInterface
ATX650G65.0 MP9344 x 7000 px14.5 fpsGpixel GMAX3265 CMOSGlobalTFL-II10GigE M12
ATX081S-UC8.1 MP2840 x 2840 px126.0 fpsSony IMX487 CMOSGlobalC10GigE M12
ModelNetwork Speed# of PortsInterface
LUCID RDMA Network Interface Card10GigE PoE+2 PortsPCI Express x8


25GigE - High Resolution and High Speed Cameras


2.5GigE Camera LogoThe perfect combination – 25 Gigabit Ethernet paired with Sony’s 4th generation Pregius S CMOS sensors. The 25GigE SFP28 interface allows Pregius-S sensors to run at high bit depths, while providing a reliable connection with ultra high frame rates. The new Atlas25 is ideal for applications that demand high resolution and speed, such as virtual reality, FPD inspection, wafer processing, volumetric capture, and applications requiring multi-camera synchronization.

ModelMPResolutionFPSSensorShutterLens MountInterface
ATO245S24.5 MP5320 x 4600 pxTBDSony IMX530 CMOSGlobalC25GigE SFP28
ATO204S20.4 MP4504 x 4504 px89 fpsSony IMX531 CMOSGlobalC25GigE SFP28


Helios2 Wide - 3D Time-of-Flight with 108° x 78° FoV

Helios2 Wide 3D ToF camera

3D ToF logoHelios2 Wide integrates Sony’s DepthSense™ IMX556PLR back-illuminated ToF image sensor paired with a wide-angle lens providing a 108º angle of view, suited for applications with a close working distance and large area of operation such as full-size palettizing applications. This IP67 Factory Tough™ 3D camera delivers 640 x 480 depth resolution at up to an 8.3 meter working distance and a frame rate of 30 fps.

HTW003S0.3 MP640 x 480px30 fpsSony IMX556PLR CMOS108° x 78°1GigE M12
helios2 cartoon bubble

Multispectral Imaging

Advanced Sensing – UV, SWIR & Event-Based Cameras

Atlas IP67 Camera cartoon chat bubble

Atlas10 UV

As mentioned above, the Atlas10 will showcase the 8.1 MP Sony IMX487 ultraviolet (UV) sensor, capable of sensing in the 200 to 400nm wavelength range.

Triton IP67 SWIR camera

Triton SWIR

Sony’s SWIR sensors, the IMX991 and IMX990, will be featured in the IP67 Triton camera. A more compact (29 x 44mm) TEC-less version of the Atlas IP67 SWIR.


Triton EVS

Featuring the Prophesee Metavision® sensor, provides event-based data. Instead of taking frames, event-based pixels continuously sample the incoming light and generate signal only when the light level changes.

ModelMPResolutionFPSSensorShutterLens MountInterface
ATX081S-UC8.1 MP2840 x 2840 px126.0 fpsSony IMX487 CMOSGlobalC10GigE M12
SWIR logo TRI013S-WC1.3 MP1280 x 1024 px71 fpsSony IMX990 InGaAsGlobalC1GigE M12
SWIR logo TRI003P-EC0.3 MP640 x 480 pxN/AProphesee PPS3MVCDN/AC1GigE M12

Triton Edge

All-In-One Edge Computing Industrial Camera

jupyterlab sensor cartoon

JupyterLab LogoLUCID will be demonstrating 100% on-camera image processing on the Triton Edge industrial IP67 camera. The camera will preform image analysis and motor control using the on-camera JupyterLabs notebook without any external PC processing. The Triton Edge features AMD Xilinx’s Zynq® UltraScale+™ technology with multi-processor functionality and user programmable FPGA accessibility. Offering unparalleled access to on-camera hardware to develop and run custom image processing, you’ll create unique camera IP that’s powerful, accelerated, and energy-efficient, running directly on camera.

Triton Edge Camera with Xilinx Ultrascale+ ZU3
ModelMPChipsetSensorShutterLens MountInterface
Triton Edge1440 x 1080 pxXilinx UltraScale+ ZU3CG MPSoCSony IMX296 CMOSGlobalC1GigE M12
Lens mount cartoon bubble

IP67 Protection

Dust Proof and Water Resistant Cameras

LUCID offers a variety of IP67 machine vision cameras to give you the peace of mind when running your application. Our IP67 rated cameras, Triton, Atlas IP67, and Helios2, provide complete protection against dust and dirt, and no ingress of water when submerged up to 1 m for 30 mins.

Triton Helios Atlas IP67 factory tough industrial cameras


Camera Module Designed for Easy Integration

The Phoenix Power over Ethernet (PoE) Cameras are compact, high performance cameras with one of the smallest form factors in the PoE GigE market. Featuring unfolding board stacks, these cameras easily transform between a 90° and 180° angle shape to provide flexible system integration. Additional options for easy integration include multiple lens mount options and Ethernet connector port options.

Phoenix camera with different form factor shapes

Thank you for visiting!

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