At the upcoming Vision China Shanghai exhibition (July 11-13, 2023), LUCID will be showcasing its latest camera innovations and technologies used for a wide range of industrial applications. Visit our booth #5.1C201 in Shanghai to see our product highlights.

High-Speed Ethernet Cameras: 2.5GigE and 10GigE + RDMA
The new Triton2 2.5 GigE camera sets a new standard for the base GigE transfer rate featuring the latest Sony Pregius S Sensors ranging from 5.0 MP to 24.5 MP. The award-winning Atlas10 with Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) reliably streams 1.2 GB/s of data directly to main memory, bypassing the CPU and OS. This increases throughput, lowers latency, and eliminates CPU usage, which is required for reliable multi-10GigE camera applications.

Helios2 Wide 3D Time-of-Flight Camera
The award-winning Helios2 Wide integrates Sony’s DepthSense™ IMX556PLR back-illuminated ToF image sensor paired with a wide-angle lens providing a 108º angle of view, suited for applications with a close working distance and large area of operation such as full-size palettizing applications. The Helios2 Wide IP67 Factory Tough™ 3D camera delivers 640 x 480 depth resolution at up to an 8.3 meter working distance and a frame rate of 30 fps.

Triton HDR Camera with AltaView On-Camera Tone Mapping
Introducing AltaView™, LUCID’s on-camera adaptive tone mapping engine – now available on the new Triton HDR TDR054S camera. Paired with Sony’s IMX490 HDR sensor, AltaView delivers real-time tone-mapped image output directly from the camera, producing data-rich 8-bit images with enhanced details in the shadows and highlights. The optimized AltaView output offers perceptually equivalent lower bit depth HDR images, reducing CPU/GPU resources required for efficient AI processing and mobile sensing applications.

Atlas SWIR Featuring Sony SenSWIR InGaAs Sensors
The Atlas SWIR is a GigE PoE+ camera featuring wide-band and high-sensitivity Sony SenSWIR 1.3 MP IMX990 and 0.3 MP IMX991 InGaAs sensors, capable of capturing images across both visible and invisible light spectrums, and boasting a miniaturized pixel size of 5μm. The camera’s capability of imaging on the short-wavelength infrared light spectrum opens a world of industrial applications with greater precision in fruit inspection and sorting, packaging, IR microscopy, semiconductor inspection, material sorting and more.

Seminar Presentation at Vision China Shanghai
LUCID will be presenting at the Vision China Shanghai seminar series on Wednesday, July 12th, 2023 from 10.40-11am. Our presentation titled “LUCID’s HDR imaging technology in the field of autonomous driving” will address our latest Triton HDR camera with AltaView on-camera tone mapping and will be presented by Felix Ye, Field Application Engineer at LUCID.
Visit LUCID at Vision China Shanghai from July 11-13, 2023 in Booth #5.1C201.