At The Vision Show in Boston (April 10-12, 2018), LUCID Vision Labs will showcase ‘live demonstrations’ of its latest GigE Vision camera technologies including:

  • Four different models of the micro-compact Phoenix, the world’s smallest GigE PoE camera, ranging from 3.2 MP to 12.3 Megapixel resolutions. With a unique board design, the Phoenix camera provides a micro compact and light weight form factor, making the camera easy to integrate into OEM products and systems. Optional NF-mount lenses and an ix Industrial™ connector allow to further reduce the camera’s overall footprint.  New Phoenix cameras shown will include the 3.2, 5.0, 8.9 and 12.3 Megapixel models using Sony Pregius CMOS sensors.
  • The Triton IP67 camera features a dust proof and water-resistant camera enclosure and lens tube designed to be used in a variety of industrial environments such as food inspection and agriculture where dust, dirt or water can be present. The Triton camera measures only 29×29 mm and features threaded outer lens barrel for fitting an IP67 lens tube.
  • LUCID’s new Phoenix polarization camera featuring Sony’s IMX250MZR CMOS polarized sensor. The 5 MP global shutter sensor with a pixel size of 3.45µm and frame rates of up to 24 fps is based on the popular IMX250 Sony Pregius CMOS mono sensor with polarizing filter added to the pixel. The sensor has four different directional polarizing filters (0°, 90°, 45°, and 135°) on every four pixels. The Phoenix camera performs on-camera processing using the four directional filters and outputs both the intensity and polarized angle of each image pixel.
  • The Arena Software Development Kit (SDK) provides users access to the latest in industry standards and computer technology. The Arena SDK supports LUCID’s GigE Vision cameras and is based on the GenICam 3.0 standard, enabling an easy integration in vision systems.

Don’t miss our presentation at The Vision Conference titled “Inspection with Polarization Sensor – Imaging the Unseen” on Thursday, April 12th from 10:45 to 11:15 am, presented by Torsten Wiesinger, General Manager, EMEA at LUCID Vision Labs. Come and see LUCID at booth #210 and talk to our machine vision experts about your applications and imaging requirements.