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IP67 Area Scan Camera
IP67 3D Time of Flight Camera

What does it mean to be Factory Tough?

By delivering higher industrial certification standards to our Triton and Helios2 cameras, they can be trusted for 24/7 industrial operation in more challenging environments. Whether it is integrating the most cost-effective IP67 protection into the compact 29 x 29 mm Triton, or through persistently pushing the envelope for Time-of-Flight precision and accuracy found on the Helios2, LUCID continues to focus on their primary goal: innovative machine vision cameras that can withstand the challenges of continuous industrial use.

Benefits of our Factory Tough Triton and Helios2 cameras:


Shock and Vibration

Spec: EN 60068-2-27, EN 60068-2-64. Tested and certified against shocks (x/y/z), bumps (x/y/z), and vibrations (x/y/z, random and sinusoidal).


Industrial EMC Immunity

Spec: EN 61000-6-2. Immunity against voltage fluctuations, electrostatic discharge, surges, strong magnetic fields, and current emissions.


Dust Proof, Water Resistant

IP67 Rated. Complete protection against dust and dirt. No ingress of water when submerged up to 1 m for 30 mins.


Rugged Connectors

M12 and M8 connectors (Spec: IEC 61076-2-109, IEC 61076-2-104) provide a threaded circular connection with strong clamping force and IP67 protection.


High-Efficiency Isolated PoE

Lower power consumption with minimal loss to heat.


Die-cast Aluminium Case

Strong, lightweight metal with efficient heat dissipation.


100 m Cable Length

Deploy shielded 100m cable lengths with isolated power.


Electronic Certifications

FCC Class A, CE, KCC, RoHS, REACH, and WEEE certified.


Hardware Unit Testing

Every camera unit is heat chamber tested. Each unit must pass 100% of all functionality tests during alternating hot and cold temperatures.


EMVA 1288 Unit Tests

Each camera unit is tested for correct dynamic range, dark noise, saturation capacity, and quantum efficiency results.


24V PLC Optical Input

Prevents false triggering due to electrically noisy environments by connecting with 24V logic. (Contact Sales for Triton models with this feature)

Triton Machine Vision Camera

Triton Area Scan Camera

The Triton camera pushes the standard 29 x 29 mm machine vision camera to a new level. The Triton’s electronics are housed in a sealed two-piece aluminum case secured by 4 M2 screws. All image sensors in all Triton units are attached using LUCID’s 6-DoF active sensor alignment system for superior optical clarity. The M12 Ethernet connector and M8 GPIO connector provides a robust connection resistant to shock and vibration. For even more protection, an optional IP67 lens tube can be attached for dust proof and water resistant operation, eliminating the need for an external case. The camera has a wide operating temperature range from -20°C to 55°C ambient. At only 67 grams and 29 x 29 mm, the Triton is an easy fit in any environment.

Helios2 3D Camera Time of Flight

Helios2 3D ToF Camera

The next generation of Time of Flight featuring the Sony’s DepthSense sensor. The Helios2 ToF camera is engineered for high performance operation in industrial environments. Built for demanding 24/7 environments and a variety of industrial 3D applications such as robotics, 3D inspection, and logistics, including advanced material handling, pick and place, sorting, palletization / de-palletization, volume estimation, and more. The Helios2 delivers sub-millimeter precision and improved accuracy compared to the previous Helios. The calibration between the VCSELs and sensor timing is enhanced resulting in more 3D detail, along with improved attention to edge detection to reduce flying pixels and overall noise.

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