HDR Imaging for Automotive Sensing Applications Webinar

Take an in-depth look at the best practices for HDR imaging in automotive sensing systems and explains the technology used in the Sony IMX490 CMOS sensor, which provides simultaneous on-sensor 120 dB HDR imaging and LED flicker mitigation at 5.4 MP.

0:00 Intro
0:30 Agenda
1:00 LUCID Company
1:36 What is Automotive Sensing?
2:18 Levels of Driving Automation
4:09 Market Trends
5:56 Sensor Technologies
7:10 Automotive Camera Applications
8:02 Automotive Imaging Challenges
8:58 Dynamic Range
9:48 Dynamic Range Comparison
10:19 LED Are Everywhere
11:08 LED Flicker Comparison
11:37 Conventional HDR Imaging
12:40 Multi Exposure Motion Artifacts
12:58 LED Flicker

13:52 IMX490 HDR Simultaneous Exposure
14:38 IMX490 Pixel Structure
15:34 IMX490 Subpixel Luminance Mapping
16:11 LED Flicker Mitigation (LFM)
16:49 Comparison of HDR Strategies
17:56 Triton TRI053S 5.4MP Camera
20:03 Standard Triton Camera ISP
20:43 TRI054S 24 Bit Camera ISP
21:29 HDR Post Processing Strategies
23:19 Tone Mapping
26:29 Bits Extraction
27:18 Gamma Correction
28:48 Look Up Table (LUT)
30:03 In Camera Processing Summary
31:06 Adaptive Tone Mapping
35:21 Image Sensor Comparison

37:51 System Configuration
38:25 Frame Rate Calculation
40:14 Auto Exposure (Optional)
41:47 Accessories
42:10 Lens Calculator
42:25 Arena SDK
43:42 Further Use Cases…
44:44 Thank you

Visit the Triton 5.4MP camera with Sony's IMX490 product page to learn more

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