Helios Time of Flight (ToF) 3D Camera

Sony DepthSense IMX556 CMOS
0.3 MP 640 x 480 px
프레임 레이트
30 FPS
모델크로마렌즈 마운트GigE Vision 커넥터전원 공급 장치
HLS003S-001MonoIntegrated 6mm focal length lensM12None
HLS-BUN-US1MonoIntegrated 6mm focal length lensM12NA power supply included
HLS-BUN-EU1MonoIntegrated 6mm focal length lensM12EU power supply included

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인터페이스 및 전원 정보
디지털 인터페이스1000BASE-T GigE, M12 X-coded
GPIO인터페이스8 핀 M8 커넥터
Opto-Isolated I/O Ports1 input, 1 output
Non-Isolated I/O Ports2 bi-directional
전원 요구사항18-24 V through GPIO
소비 전력12-24Vdc, Pavg <10W, 2.8A peak pulse currentr
센서Sony DepthSense IMX556PLR CMOS
센서 크기8 mm (Type 1/2″)
해상도640 x 480 px, 0.3 MP
픽셀 크기10.0 µm (H) x 10.0 µm (V)
프레임 레이트30 FPS @ 0.3 MP (Near Mode: up to 1.5m)
15 FPS @ 0.3 MP (Far Mode: up to 6m)
제품 사이즈55 x 55 x 77.7 mm
무게254 g
렌즈 시야59⁰ x 45⁰ (nominal)
조명4 x VCSEL laser diodes, Class 1, @ 850nm
표준 및 인증
표준GigE Vision v2.0, GenICam 3D
Eye Safety Class 1 IEC/EN 60825-1:2014
동작 온도-10° to 60°C (Case Temperature)
충격 및 진동DIN EN 60068-2-27, DIN EN 60068-2-64
OS SupportWindows and Linux
Software SupportArena SDK, C++, C, C#, Python
픽셀 형식
범위 데이터
Coord3D_ABCY164-ch point cloud XYZ + 강렬, 16 bits per channel
Coord3D_ABC163-ch point cloud XYZ, 16 bits per channel,
Coord3D_C16Depth map Z plane, 16 bits
강도 이미지
Mono88 bit per pixel monochrome raw image
Mono12Packed12 bit per pixel monochrome raw image
Mono12p12 bit per pixel in bit stream, monochrome raw image
Mono1616 bit per pixel monochrome raw image
신뢰 데이터
Confidence16Confidence map, 16 bits
이미징 속성
노출 ControlManual, 2 settings:  250 μs or 1000 μs
Gain ControlManual, 2 settings: High or Low
SynchronizationSoftware trigger, hardware trigger, PTP (IEEE 1588)
Output FormatBinary .PLY file (via Arena SDK)
C카메라 기능
User Sets1 default and 2 custom user set
작동 거리Near mode: up to 1.5m
Far mode: up to 6m
정확성Near Mode (0.3 – 1.5m): ± 5 mm
Far Mode (0.3 – 1.5m): ± 5 mm
 (0.3 – 6.0m): ± 10 mm
정도 (Depth Noise)Standard deviation less than 2mm at 1m
Communication Channels5 Channels. 사용자가 카메라 간 간섭없이 최대 5 대의 Helios2 카메라를 작동 할 수 있습니다


Helios Performance Results
Interactive graphs – please hover over the points in the graph to reveal precision numbers (mm)

Near Mode (0.3 - 1.5m):± 5 mm
Far Mode (0.3 – 1.5m):
Far Mode (0.3 – 6.0m):
± 5 mm
± 10 mm
Distance (m)Near Mode (mm)Far Mode (mm)

Test Conditions:

  • Target: White paper mounted on bar attached to motion stage
  • Helios camera: mounted on tripod with front of case aligned to stage zero position
  • Camera setting: Coord3D_C16 Pixel Format, bilateral filtering OFF, 1.5m or 6m operating mode, camera warmed up for 20 minutes.
  • Imaging environment: Room light ON during testing
  • Motion stage moved in 10mm steps, for each step, record 10 x 10 pixels at image center, 32 images
  • Accuracy measured as difference between motion stage position and camera’s average measured depth over the 10 x 10 pixels region of interest


Helios Camera Drawings
Helios ToF Camera Drawings

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Getting Started Guide

For camera setup please visit our Getting Started Guide for LUCID cameras. This page covers how to:
  • Connect your camera for the first time
  • Download and install Arena SDK or 3rd party software
  • Enable Jumbo Frames on the Host PC and Camera
  • Assign camera IP address
  • Update camera firmware


Visit our Downloads Page for access to:
  • Arena SDK (Arena View, APIs, Examples)
  • 3D CAD drawings (.step files)
  • Camera firmware files
  • Technical Documentation

렌즈 마운트

Tripod adapters, lenses, cables, and Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Ethernet injectors / interface cards are sold separately. Please note that Ethernet ports on most consumer motherboards and laptops do not support PoE. Visit our Accessories page for complete details on all accessories.
Cables for Helios Models
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable – 2.0m, Dark Green LUCID CAB-MR-2MCAB-MR-2M
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable – 5.0m, Dark GreenLUCID CAB-MR-5MCAB-MR-5M
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable – 15.0m, Dark GreenCAB-MR-15MCAB-MR-15M
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable [Right Angle, Down] – 5m, Dark GreenLUCID CAB-MR-5M-RA1CAB-MR-5M-RA1
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable [Right Angle, Down] – 15m, Dark GreenLUCID CAB-MR-15M-RA1CAB-MR-15M-RA1
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable [Right Angle, Up] – 5m, Dark GreenLUCID CAB-MR-5M-RA2CAB-MR-5M-RA2
M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a Cable [Right Angle, Up] – 15m, Dark GreenLUCID CAB-MR-15M-RA2CAB-MR-15M-RA2
M8 GPIO 8-pin 1.0m CableGPIO-M8GPIO-M8
M8 GPIO 8-pin 5.0m CableGPIO-M8-5MGPIO-M8-5M
M8 GPIO 8-pin 15.0m CableGPIO-M8-15MGPIO-M8-15M
M8 GPIO 8-pin Cable [Right Angle, Down] – 5.0mLUCID GPIO-M8-5M-RA1GPIO-M8-5M-RA1
M8 GPIO 8-pin Cable [Right Angle, Down] – 15.0mLUCID GPIO-M8-15M-RA1GPIO-M8-15M-RA1
M8 GPIO 8-pin Cable [Right Angle, Up] – 5.0mLUCID GPIO-M8-5M-RA2GPIO-M8-5M-RA2
M8 GPIO 8-pin Cable [Right Angle, Up] – 15mLUCID GPIO-M8-15M-RA2GPIO-M8-15M-RA2
Tripod Mount Adapter
Helios Tripod AdapterATL-TRATL-TR
Interface Cards, Power Supply
Intel Gigabit CT Desktop AdapterIntel EXPI9301CTBLKPCIE-ETH1
M8 GPIO AC Adapter Power Supply (NA/EU Versions)MEAN WELL GST60A18-P1JM8P-US1 or M8P-EU1