IP67 Triton Camera and Accessories

LUCID’s IP67 rated Triton cameras provide protection for your indoor and outdoor machine vision applications. Meeting IP67 requirements means the Triton camera will operate flawlessly in commercial or industrial environments where dirt, dust, and water are present. Visit the Triton Product Page to learn more.

IP67 Lens Tubes for Triton Camera

The LUCID IPTC series of IP67 lens tubes are compatible with all Triton camera models. By connecting this IP67 lens tube and IP67 cables to the Triton camera, users can operate the camera in environments where dust, dirt, and water are present up to IP67 thresholds.

IP67 M12 Data and M8 GPIO Cables

Our cables are designed for robust operation in industrial environments, including environments where dirt, dust, and water are present. Use with Triton camera models for complete IP67 protection.

What does IP67 mean?

The Ingress Protection (IP) rating system is a global standard of rating levels of protection from solid objects and liquids. With the IP67 lens tube and cables attached, the Triton offers protection from solid particles such as dust, dirt and sand. It also offers water ingress protection of up to 1 meter submersion for 30 minutes. Employ high quality imaging under harsh environments while providing long-term camera durability without additional bulky enclosures.